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Store Overview

Our client was running a beauty and skin care products ecommerce store, wanted to supercharge their website to increase traffic and online transactions.


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The actual challenge for us was the website had a lack of optimizable content, an outdated design, and duplicate meta tags and content issues.
When it came to pay-per-click campaigns, our biggest hurdle was dealing with the new Smart Shopping campaigns, tracking problems that messed up data, and not having distinct ads and ad groups.


To fix the website problems, we used heat mapping to see how the homepage was doing and made it better for improved conversion rates. We got useful info about the design and suggested changes that made the homepage totally new and improved.
We also added keyword-rich product descriptions for every product category and improved internal linking strategies among the current content.
For the repeating content issue, we used special tags on each page to organize the website better and get rid of errors.
To solve the pay-per-click problems, we fixed mistakes in tracking and used smart technology for better campaigns. We made ads that fit different devices, improved the words in ads, stood out from others, and made special pages to help customers through the purchase funnel.


In a year, we saw 56% more visitors, transactions grew by 60%, and revenue climbed by 20%. In addition, we also saw better user experience with the website changes we made. Customers were able to more easily find the products they were looking for and our content was more organized and helpful to the consumer.