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SHFT is a branding company, helping businesses promote their brand and reach their ideal customer base.


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The biggest hurdle for SHFT was their poorly designed website. It had minimal relevant content and an outdated interface that didn’t reflect their brand voice.
SHFT was also looking for the trusted partner to generate more leads, increase conversion rate, and drive organic traffic to their website. So, they collaborate with Amaze Tech to help them with their expertise and incredible marketing strategies.


Initially, we addressed the outdated website design by creating a new homepage guided by user and customer insights. We also refined the content and layout of busy service pages, resulting in better keyword rankings and conversions. For specialized services, we crafted optimized landing pages, precisely aligned with keywords and customer preferences, enhancing the overall experience.
Dealing with content discrepancies, we fine-tuned the blogs without compromising the substantial traffic we’d gained. We added customized CTAs to each blog to drive customers to the services that were perfectly coordinated with the blogs and keywords.


We catapulted organic traffic by an impressive 588%, witnessing a surge in monthly users from 5,800 to 31,227 within a year. The count of top 3 keywords surged from 37 to 258, while first-page keywords climbed from 496 to 1,103, and finally the number of total keywords skyrocketed from 6,997 to 19,554 in 12 months.
We also increase the number of leads up to 40% and increase conversion rate by 32%.