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Company Overview

Exotica Medical Spa stands as a unique beauty haven, dedicated to offering top-tier treatments and skincare expertise in a boutique setting.


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Our customer, a fast-growing premier medical aesthetics provider, turned to us to boost their business. They wanted a better marketing plan to keep customers happy, attract new ones, and shine in a competitive market.


We started by examining our client’s customer data and mapping out the buyer journey. This helped us gain a better understanding of who was interested in our client’s treatments and how site visitors converted into leads.
Once we had a good understanding, we discovered that most visitors to the site were women between the ages of 25-44. With this information, we have created a whole new marketing plan to increase site traffic, online leads, and bookings.

  • SEO: In order to boost site traffic, we first focused on technical fixes to make sure the site was running smoothly. We performed an extensive keyword research to narrow down a list of search terms, keywords, and topics.
  • Content Marketing: We Drive brand awareness and educate prospects through engaging content. Identified the top content pages on our client’s site. We also revamped these content pages for better user experience, incorporated the perfect keywords for SEO, and narrowed down the content to include exactly what potential customers were looking for.
  • Digital Ads: We run several ads campaigns on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage with potential customers, share informative content, and increase brand awareness for Exotica Medical Spa.
    We also added an eye-catching banner promoting skincare treatments from their online site.


Implementing the changes to our client’s site caused leads, bookings, and sales to soar. Compared to the previous year, they saw a 90% increase in bookings, a 43% increase in phone call leads, and a whopping 98% increase in sales, 24% increase in users to the site, a 22% increase in sessions, and a 10% increase in page views from the previous year.