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Company Overview

My Salon Suite is a styling community of skilled and creative stylists. They provide services of stunning hairstyling, makeovers and skincare treatments.


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My Salon Suite was getting bigger rapidly, and they wanted a strong online plan, just like their real-world success. They saw a chance to get more customers from online searches. So, they asked Amaze Tech to assist with their digital strategy.


We helped My Salon Suite generate more bookings using SEO, influencer marketing, and paid media services. We applied some smart marketing strategies to bring more people to My Salon Suite and get them booking appointments.
First, we made sure that when people searched for salons online, My Salon Suite’s website showed up at the top. This meant more people saw the website and learned about the salon.
Secondly, we run target oriented ads campaigns at platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to capture wide audience’s attention. These ads showed how awesome My Salon Suite is, and they were shown to people who were likely to want salon services.
But our efforts didn’t stop there, we also helped in making cool stuff to read and watch online about beauty tips and salon expertise. This made people trust My Salon Suite and want to try their services.


Over the last couple of years, Amaze Tech has been a driving force for My Salon Suite, achieving remarkable outcomes. We boosted their visibility with more than 600 first-page Google rankings and multiplied their profits by 38X. With Amaze Tech’s help, they have also seen a whopping $560,000 increase in trackable revenue from Amaze Tech’s efforts.