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Amaana Capital serves as the global venture capital division under the umbrella of NRD Capital, a prominent worldwide alternative investment platform.


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Amaana Capitals faced a significant challenge with their outdated and content-limited website, failing to convey their brand identity effectively. In pursuit of boosting lead generation, enhancing conversion rates, and driving organic web traffic, Amaana partnered with Amaze Tech. This collaboration leveraged Amaze Tech’s expertise and potent marketing strategies to revamp their online presence.


Our initial step was to revitalize the brand identity. By conducting thorough research and rigorous testing, we successfully constructed comprehensive audience personas. These personas allowed us to grasp not only the “who” but also the “why” of site visitors. Armed with insights into user behavior, we seamlessly integrated the refreshed brand identity into the website’s UI/UX design and revamped the outdated website by designing a user-centric homepage, boosting keyword rankings and conversions. Additionally, we designed optimized landing pages for specialized services, aligning them precisely with keywords and customer preferences to elevate the overall user experience.


Through innovative UX/UI and design, reinvigorated content, and eye-catching imagery, we strategically and successfully repositioned Amaana Capital’s brand identity. With the new and improved website, the lead generation rate increased by 119%, the conversion rate increased by 66% and the organic traffic rate per page increased by 83%, all in a span of just 30 days. We also supercharged the speed of the site to create a better experience for visitors – the page load speed clocked in at just 2.9s after our upgrades.