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Company Overview

AGS Movers is a transport company offering services like renting vehicles, providing public transportation etc.


Increase in revenue
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Organic Traffic
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AGS Movers wanted to enhance their brand presence, drive sales growth, and increase website traffic in an industry with tough competition. So, they approached Amaze Tech for effective solutions.


Amaze tech applied their tested and proven marketing skills and tricks to boost AGS Movers online presence, increase in their sales and to make sure of more customer visits to their site.

Performance Marketing:

We crafted targeted digital ads that showcased AGS Mover’s services, ensuring the right message reached the right audience.
We created engaging content that highlighted AGS’s expertise and their customer’s comfort and satisfaction stories. This approach increased brand engagement, driving both awareness and loyalty.


We leveraged relevant keywords to make sure that AGS’s ads appeared prominently on search engine results pages. This boosted their visibility and drew potential customers directly to their website.


With Amaze Tech’s dedicated efforts and stunning digital tactics, AGS witnessed amazing success and incredible increase in revenue up to $2M, website traffic increased by 38% and social media Post’s views increased +64% .