Crafting Compelling Marketing Content.

The Art of Selling While Sharing Your Narrative

In today’s digital age, people have easy access to a lot of information online. Surprisingly, more than half of consumers believe that giving away useful content on topics they care about can help win 6their business. This makes it crucial for your success to create content that not only promotes your products but also shares your brand’s story. While coming up with content ideas can be tricky, a little creativity can go a long way.

Here are 6 ways to write marketing content that sells and tells your story:

1. Offer relevant information.

Remember, your readers are searching for solutions to their problems or needs. Write content that plainly shows how your products and services can assist them in reaching their objectives.

2. Guide them. 

When you make content that’s interesting and related, skip the fancy words and use simple language that your audience uses every day. This way, they can quickly get what you’re offering. The same goes for picking keywords online – use words that people would really type when they’re searching.

3. Back it up. 

When you say something, back it up with real facts and numbers from reliable sources. It’s fine to use reviews from happy customers to show how good you are, but don’t just say you’re the best in town or city all by yourself. And when you mention research or numbers, always say where they came from.

4. Mind your SEO.

If you produce content online, it needs to be able to be found on search engines. Search engines have a set of rules (known as an algorithm) to find and serve content based on the keywords or search phrases you enter in your search box on Google or Bing. To meet their algorithm requirements, your content should be a minimum of 300 words and be centered around a focus keyword your readers will use to search for it.

5. Invite people in.

Make sure to include a clear and relevant call-to-action in your content. Even if your story is interesting, your potential customers want to know what to do next if they want to work with you. A call-to-action tells them what those next steps are and leads them to a webpage with an offer or more info related to what you’re selling. Having a call-to-action in your content is a crucial part of your inbound marketing plan.

6. Change it up.

Get creative with your content! You can use one piece of content in multiple ways. For instance, if you’ve made an infographic, you can also write a blog post about it. You can even give older content a facelift by updating it with fresh info. And don’t forget, even sharing parts of longer content on your social media pages counts as repurposing. People like to consume content in various ways, so make sure your content strategy is flexible and caters to different audiences.

Today’s marketing revolves around content and captivating your audience with it. When you create top-notch marketing content, you boost your odds of keeping readers interested and drawing in potential clients.

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