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3 Key Offerings to Consider for Your Online Shopping Strategy

With the ongoing expansion of online shopping, if you’ve been contemplating the addition of an e-commerce option for your customers, it’s crucial to offer a set of benefits that guarantee an exceptional shopping experience.

There are a few things that are important to offer in addition to your online shopping options:

1: Live Chat

 As reported by Marketing Charts, “A significant 42% regard live chat as a crucial customer service feature during online shopping… In close pursuit, 37% find the ability to inquire about products via live chat important when making online selections.” While implementing live chat can be challenging, especially for small businesses with limited resources, it’s worth considering outsourcing this service if it aligns with your budget.

2: Email Communication:

According to Marketing Charts, email stands out as the top priority, with 55% of consumers considering it crucial when shopping online. Onsite questions and answers, along with frequently asked questions, follow closely, each deemed important by 45% of shoppers. In contrast, only 23% view social media as a preferred customer service channel. Offering customers, the choice to reach out via email or live chat is essential, as it aligns with their preferences and enhances their shopping experience. Providing either option can effectively complement your online shopping platform, ensuring that customers have reliable means of communication to address their inquiries and concerns.

3: Delivery and Returns:

 Today’s shoppers often crave immediacy, making same-day delivery a highly desirable option. While this can pose challenges for small businesses, it’s crucial to keep delivery preferences in mind when contemplating an online shopping platform. Furthermore, the returns process plays a significant role, as per Marketing Charts. They reveal that a substantial 68% of online shoppers thoroughly assess the return policy before making a purchase decision. Additionally, a noteworthy 79% emphasize the importance of free return shipping. Balancing speedy delivery solutions and a customer-friendly return policy is key to meeting the expectations of modern consumers. Although small businesses may face hurdles in offering same-day delivery, adopting flexible and transparent return policies, possibly with free return shipping, can significantly enhance the overall online shopping experience, boosting customer satisfaction and trust in your brand.

Remember these offerings when contemplating online shopping options for your customers. Thoughtful preparation in these areas ensures a smooth and satisfying purchasing experience, greatly increasing the chances of customer loyalty and repeat business.

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