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3 Ways to Supercharge Your Social Media Strategy with TikTok.

Take a closer look into TikTok, the platform that’s grown to become one of the largest apps in the world and learn how to promote yourself and your business on this platform. We’ve put together the latest TikTok tips to help your business succeed. You may think that marketing companies say this a lot; but it’s never been more important to have an active and engaging social media presence for your business. As TikTok, the newest social media platform taking the world by storm, has only continued to rise in popularity over the past year, you might be wondering: should my business be on TikTok?

What is TikTok?

If you haven’t yet ventured onto TikTok, you might have encountered misconceptions that it’s exclusively for the younger generation or that you’ve outgrown it. You might assume it’s a realm dominated by choreographed dances and amusing cat antics. However, this couldn’t be farther from reality! TikTok holds untapped potential and burgeoning marketing advantages that many businesses have yet to grasp fully. These opportunities are on the upswing as TikTok’s user community continues to expand, making it an increasingly valuable platform for your business.

If you’re new to TikTok, here’s a quick overview: TikTok is a mobile video-sharing application, same platform as YouTube or Instagram. It empowers creators to create brief videos and share them with their followers or the wider public. The app’s user interface comprises two primary sections: “Following” and “For You.” “Following” presents content from accounts you already follow in your feed, while “For You” utilizes a sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm considers trending content, your previous likes, videos like your interests, and popular hashtags to curate an ever-scrolling video feed tailored to your preferences, interspersed with occasional live-streamed content.

Why TikTok Is a Game-Changer for Businesses?

TikTok isn’t just for scrolling through videos that may interest you – businesses could add either organic (unpaid) or paid advertising videos to the platform to showcase their business and spread their message. On June 25, 2020, TikTok officially announced TikTok for Business, which allowed brands to advertise seamlessly within the app.

Within TikTok, there are multiple options for ads, including Top View (viewed as soon as you open the app), in-feed videos (seen when browsing through the app’s feeds), and hashtag challenges. However, you can still find success on TikTok without spending your entire marketing budget on advertising. By simply creating an account and posting frequent organic videos, your business can offer consumers a more personalized, behind-the-scenes look into your business.

Lots of people like ads that don’t feel pushy or like they’re just trying to make you buy things. This is a chance for your business to show how your products or services can help solve problems for potential customers. We’ve gathered some helpful tips for you to create and keep up your TikTok account for your business:

1: Be sincere, genuine, and friendly.

With the typical TikTok user spending almost an hour daily on the platform, you have a great chance to connect with an active and interested audience. To distinguish yourself from the competition, focus on being real and welcoming. People can often sense when businesses are only on TikTok to sell, and this can push them away.

Creating an authentic brand presence on TikTok can be effectively achieved by showcasing your employees or other people in your business. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you could feature a chef sharing insights about a popular dish, offering helpful cooking tips, or sharing the story and ingredients behind a menu item. In industries like finance or law, where busy schedules are common, sharing a ‘day in the life’ video with a peek behind the scenes (don’t forget to use the popular #dayinthelife hashtag!) can work well. The primary aim for businesses on TikTok should be to introduce themselves to viewers in a friendly manner, without immediately pushing for sales. As these viewers become more engaged and connected with your business, the opportunity to promote your products or services will naturally arise.

2: Understand and relate to your audience as much as possible.

TikTok’s rapid success can be attributed, in part, to its inclusive and diverse user base, which may encompass potential customers for your business. When crafting videos, it’s crucial to grasp your intended audience’s preferences and what captures their interest. For instance, if you’re running an auto dealership, your viewers might be keen on learning about the enticing features of the latest vehicles in your inventory, specific vehicle details (triple-row seating? A game-changer for parents!), or even getting to know the friendly faces they might meet
when visiting your dealership.

If you run a smaller retail store offering goods and services, your customers will be eager to hear about ongoing sales, promotions, and upcoming product arrivals. A savvy strategy to sustain brand awareness and provide added value post-sale or visit is to engage with customers on TikTok and offer exclusive social media promotions. It’s simple to search for recent mentions of your business, and if you chance upon a familiar face creating a video about their shopping experience, leaving a thoughtful comment or ‘stitching’ (essentially creating a video reply) to their content can make them feel even more appreciated and connected to your brand. This fosters a sense of community and strengthens customer loyalty.

3: Use your account as an extension of your other social media accounts.

Don’t overlook your presence on other social media platforms! On TikTok, you have the option to include links in your profile bio, which can direct users to your Instagram or YouTube accounts. Many businesses leverage this opportunity for cross-promotion, driving traffic to their website and other social media profiles. Once you’ve earned a customer’s trust and they’re considering making a purchase or visiting your store, this is the path you can guide them down. Tools like Linktree are excellent for consolidating multiple links into one convenient location. You can tailor this page to match your brand’s identity and even track analytics to discover which links users click on after visiting your profile.

While TikTok is a relatively recent addition to the social media landscape, it actually presents a valuable opportunity for nimble businesses to get ahead of the competition. This is especially true for smaller enterprises and those without a physical storefront. For small businesses, leveraging social media opens doors to a broader audience, extending beyond geographical boundaries and allowing you to tap into a much larger market, bypassing local competitors. As a marketing agency, we view every new social media platform as a fresh audience to explore. Although it may seem daunting, those who dive in and seamlessly integrate with the platform’s culture are likely to enjoy the benefits it brings.

Curious about devising a social media strategy for your business or seeking assistance in managing your TikTok presence? Reach out to Amaze Tech Digital Marketing Agency today to explore how we can craft an effective social media plan for your business. You can also delve deeper into this topic by exploring our other relevant blog posts, such as: how to enhance brand visibility and recognition on social media and how to evaluate and sustain the effectiveness of your online campaign.