How to find an SEO Company that actually benefits your business

How to find an SEO Company that actually benefits your business

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How to find an SEO Company that actually benefits your business?

When businesses or companies choose SEO agencies, they must choose the one that achieves desired goals. Some businesses, unfortunately, don’t do their due diligence and end up hiring the wrong agency for the wrong purposes, hence burning their capital. SEO Company that benefits your business is the right SEO company that going to have a massive impact, probably one that will bring you great results.

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid so you don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Using Google Search to find SEO Company

If you think about it, good SEO companies should appear on the first page, right? This is where most people get it wrong. Chances are, you are a new business that knows next to nothing about SEO.

Good SEO Companies who do great work consistently and are high in demand, get their work through word of mouth. They are constantly preoccupied with their clients and don’t have time to rank their own websites. These companies make a lot of money and have repeat customers, so they don’t focus much on optimizing their sites.

Some companies that rank well are those that don’t have any client work and devote all of their time and effort to rank at the top of the first page, trying to get clients. You’ll find some good folks too, but it’s not recommended to use google search to find agencies.

Don’t Buy Into Top Lists

When searching for something online, we often search with keywords like ‘Top 10’ or ‘Best’. In the SEO market, some websites like or rank themselves on these keywords. After successfully ranking themselves, they sell their listings to other agencies. They are essentially pay-to-play schemes, and these websites act as aggregators. Unfortunately, some of the SEO agencies are involved in these questionable practices.

It may be a profitable business for them, but it affects the trust relationship between clients and them. These are paid lists and oftentimes, agencies listed over there aren’t capable enough to retain their customers in the first place.

It’s better not to trust these kinds of sites, although there are good and reputable sites like

Belief in Secret Tactics

This one is a red flag. Some low-down people will persuade you to work with them because they know some classified stuff that will rank your site on the first page in less than 48 hours. Sounds crazy right? SEO is a long-term game and it takes a lot of time and resources for a site to rank on the top of the first page. And be warned, there are not any secret techniques in SEO. In fact, it’s a very transparent field and everyone understands it.

If you’re faced with a consultant or agency making you buy their secret sauce, ask them “How do you do it”. If they utter nonsense like “It’s top-secret and we can’t tell you about it”, RUN.

How To Choose an SEO Company Like A PRO

1. Define Your Goals

Why are you doing SEO? What goals are you trying to achieve? Before hiring an SEO Company/agency, you must define your goals, don’t be vague like ‘I just need more traffic’. There are clear goals and vague goals:

Clear goals:

We need traffic from specific groups of people.

How you can boost their revenue by using SEO as a sales driving channel.

We need more signups from people and build our email list. Good SEO and website content results in increased conversions.

Vague goals:

We just want more search traffic. Bad goal. You should target specific traffic that is looking for your offer. Traffic is not a goal. However, specific traffic will drive in more conversions.

We just want to rank our site. Some people think they should rank their site just because they want to. This creates a communication gap between the client and SEO companies. Rankings alone shouldn’t be your goal.

Competing with a competitor over a bunch of keywords and phrases. It doesn’t directly achieve your revenue goal and goals in general. Your goal should be to provide value to people.

2. Try To Find SEO Agencies Through Referrals

Contact your friends, non-competitive competitors, professional and personal networks, and ask them who did SEO for their site and whether they were successful. Good agencies are not always on top of search results. They get their work through word of mouth for their good work. You will likely find good SEO agencies through referrals.

3. Shortlist 3-5 Agencies and Interview them

After setting up clear goals, shortlist 3-5 agencies/consultants or assemble a list according to your comfort zone. You can ask questions from these companies about your goals and how they are going to approach them. You should have some criteria to evaluate companies. For example, your criteria might need an in-house person or remote work. Have conversations and dig into referrals.

4. Ask Questions

Since SEO is an open field, you should ask questions from agencies and communicate with them regularly. Ask agencies about their previous work and whether the results came to fruition. Here are a few good questions we recommend you to ask:

What process will you be following to achieve our goals?

It’s good to ask about their understanding of Google and how their techniques affect search engines.

How often will you be sending reports on your progress?

Communication is key. Communication between clients and companies ensures that things go smoothly and according to plan.

How often will you be sending reports on your progress

What resources are required and whether it needs my attention?

It’s recommended that you keep SEO in mind when building your website to optimize search engines. Ask the agency how much time and resources are required to achieve your goal, whether it includes you micro-managing the process.

What if things head south? How are you going to fix them?

You should ask them about specific scenarios like “what if my page isn’t getting targeted traffic?” and what they did to fix these problems in the past.

Choose on these factors:

Trust: Prefer companies that have established trust through referrals and people who recommend them.

Through referrals: If you trust specific referral sources and hear great referrals about them, that’s a good sign.

Through communication style: Communication plays a vital role in the execution of the project. If their communication style matches yours, that’s great.

Pricing and contract policies: Many SEO firms have different pricing plans and contract structures. Some plans are month-to-month contracts that require you to pay upfront fees along with monthly fees. Some SEO services companies might have flexible plans and creative pricing, so you shouldn’t worry about them.

SEO might Not be for You

SEO is a very competitive playing field. More than 70% of clicks occur in the top 3 spots and the 1st page gets 95% clicks. So if you aren’t committed to putting in the time and effort, you may want to opt for other traffic. You might want to consider SEO for later when your other traffic channels are up and running.

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