Cherry-Picking Technology and The Older Generation

Cherry-Picking Technology and The Older Generation

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Cherry-Picking Technology and The Older Generation

More often than not, the tech industry fails to set its roots within the older generations. Which blocks out an entire section of the audience from making use of these advancements that are becoming near essential in the world of today.

We all associate technology with ease of use and access, but how is it that the level of acceptance for all this tech comes to a near halt when it switches over to an older generation?

The older generations connect differently, they network differently, and most importantly they TRUST differently. And that is the root cause of the problem – that lack of trust.

Technology and The Older Generation

But can we blame them exactly?

That generation, in particular, grew up with face-to-face interactions, unlike ours, where we have grown up with vast technological acceptance. So, something that is very normal for us, like talking about our day on Twitter, or posting a “rant” on Facebook, may not sit very well with that generation.

How can you trust strangers on the internet?

Quite frankly, we can’t, but this is where you will see another difference between generations. We would give someone a chance and then decide whether to pursue that further or not depending. On that experience, the older generation however wouldn’t be comfortable taking that chance. In the online space, in the first place.

trust strangers on the internet

And why is this an issue exactly?

Because this deepest lack of trust is what stops these people from using services like online banking and online shopping, which were made specifically for their ease.

There is often a discussion on how the older generation in question has so much belief in videos and posts they would see on Facebook, or get sent on WhatsApp. But near to none on online services. And the conclusion to that discussion is fairly simple in itself, and it is that on Facebook and WhatsApp. Those posts are being shared by people they know, the ones they have connections with within their real life. Hence, there is trust for them. Regardless of how otherworldly the content they may be sharing.

The need is to bridge this gap and bring about trust for online services within the older generations. Through small steps like interactive sessions, ad campaigns, etc. Because at the end of the day, the more users willing to use online services, the better we tech people thrive.

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